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Buying property in Austria – information for EU citizens 

You are a non-Austrian and would like to buy a property in Austria? As an EU citizen, your country of origin is not an issue. This is because EU citizens are able to purchase property in Austria under the same conditions that apply to Austrian citizens. 

However, buying property in Austria is subject to the Land Transfer Laws imposed by the various federal states – so buying property can be subject to different conditions depending on the federal state in question. 

In some federal states, the property purchase is merely subject to an approval and examination procedure. In other federal states, there is an administrative process in place for the purchase of real estate. 

One thing is true in both cases however: in almost every federal state certain areas are designated for second homes, and these areas are not available to holiday homes and holiday apartments. These areas are defined by the regional development planning authorities. Generally speaking, the regulations on second homes are stricter in the west of Austria than those in the east of the country. 

Do you have any legal questions about any aspect of buying property in Austria? We’d be happy to advise you! Why not arrange a face-to-face meeting today? We can, of course, also help you find your very own holiday home or holiday apartment.

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