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Buying an investment apartment with s REAL

Owning an investment apartment (known as a Vorsorgewohnung in Austria) is a special form of residential property ownership – the aim is to increase the capital employed through the rent income and by increasing the value of the apartment. 

A good investment apartment creates a long-term source of income, and the capital is additionally increased through the rise in value – all crisis-proof and protected from inflation. 

The information you need to know about investment apartments 

Criteria for an investment apartment 

  • New build or a totally refurbished first-time occupancy 
  • Property purchased solely for the purpose of investment and letting

Conditions for the purchase of an investment apartment

  • Purchased at net price – the value-added tax on the construction costs is reimbursed to the investment apartment buyer
  • Letting of the investment apartment for at least 20 years – the forecast indicates a tax surplus within 20 years 
  • In a letting arrangement, the value-added tax has to be paid
  • Purchase of an investment apartment for residents only

Tax-related aspects when purchasing an investment apartment 

  • Value-added tax savings with the purchase of an investment apartment 
  • Claiming the income-related expenses from the first year of the acquisition – depreciation, interest on loans, ancillary financing costs, repair costs, administrative costs and tax consultancy expenses

Benefits of an investment apartment 

  • Secure and profitable investment 
  • Low interest rate on borrowing 
  • Potential value increase of your property 
  • Continuous high demand for rented housing due to population growth 

Our s REAL service for investment apartment buyers 

Our properties include more than 100 commission-free new-build projects throughout Austria for you to choose from. We can advise you in the purchase of your investment apartment. And we will give you guidance on all issues concerning financing and tax, and we have the right answers to your questions regarding legal matters. If this is the first time you have owned an investment apartment, we will, of course, also assist with letting the property, and we are on hand to help you pick the right property management company.  

Do you have any questions about buying an investment apartment, or you’d like to learn more about investing in properties? Arrange your consultation with us right now – we are looking forward to answering your questions.

Arrange your consultation with us right now – we are looking forward to answering your questions.

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