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Our services – for property buyers and tenants 

Regardless of whether it’s a house or apartment – buying or renting a property is a big decision. What expenses and ancillary costs will I incur? How will I finance my property investment? How will s REAL help me find the right property? 

You will have a lot of questions, and we’ll gladly provide you with the answers. We can help you with our in-depth knowledge and specialist experience in buying and renting property. 

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s REAL can offer you expert advice in finding your new home, together with our customer-focused service to assist you on the way to getting the perfect roof over your head.

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Additional costs

Apart from the actual purchase price or the rent payable for a property, there are also additional costs and charges, which are incurred but are often forgotten.

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Information for EU citizens

ou are a non-Austrian and would like to buy a property in Austria? As an EU citizen, your country of origin is not an issue.

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