Information for EU Citizens on Buying Real Estate in Austria

If you, as an EU citizen, want to buy property here in Austria the country of origin does not matter here: EU citizens can purchase real estate under the same conditions as Austrian citizens.

Dear potential clients,

In Austria, purchasing of real estate is subject to the property transaction laws of the respective federal provinces. This means that different provisions apply in each province for the purchase of real estate. Many provinces require an approval or evaluation process for real estate purchases only in special “reserved communities," while other provinces stipulate a managed official process for every acquisition of title. The buyer’s EU country of origin does not matter here: EU citizens can therefore purchase real estate under the same conditions as Austrian citizens.

However: In most provinces, anyone intending to register only a second residence in a community is restricted only to the areas permitted for this. The regional zoning plans regulate what may be used as a vacation residence and what may not. In general: The regulations on second residences are stricter in the western parts of Austria than in the eastern parts.

When searching for real estate on, you will find properties defined as vacation homes under “Commercial/vacation/other.”Select “vacation properties” and a province there, then click on the desired region. Naturally, you can also search in all other categories – you can then clarify whether these properties are suitable as second residences directly with the competent s REAL real estate consultant

We wish you the best of luck for your search for the property of your dreams!

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